Heart Disease

heart disease reiki
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We are a society at dis-ease. According to the CDC, The number one cause of death in the United States is heart disease. We are a heartsick nation.

We are a nation of fast food, fast appointments, and fast lives. We have Fast Company magazine, touting all our latest and greatest productivity. We rush past the homeless man on our 30 minute lunch break, so as not to disturb the almighty production. We are too busy to help the single mom struggling to get her baby and her groceries on the bus as we rush to our next appointment and our kid’s soccer match. We are too fast to care. We leave behind the helpless and the hurting, and we leave behind a vital piece of our heart.

This speed breaks our hearts. This uncaring breaks our hearts.

We yell in aggression at the traffic, and our hearts speed up, tick-tocking ever closer to destruction. We rail against paying taxes to help another “sucking welfare leech” and our hearts crack a little more under the weight of uncaring. Our hearts were made to care and love. To beat for each other in the sea of human connection. To take time to help the lonely child and look at the lowly flower.

Reiki is healing energy, but the healing comes from within. Reiki alone cannot stop heart disease started by a fast, angry, uncaring existence. True healing comes from opening the heart. Slowing down to help and to love.

The Holy Spirit longs to heal our heart and society dis-ease. Will we take the time to slow down and listen to her gentle call of wisdom?

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