What does Reiki feel like?

CC image courtesy of Ananda Debnath on Flickr
CC image courtesy of Ananda Debnath on Flickr

Most people say that Reiki feels like a gentle flow, somewhat like the buzz you feel from an energy ball at a science center. Other people say it feels like a soft, trickling stream of water. A few people say that it feels like the warm, comfortable state in between sleep and awake. Reiki energy can sometimes be felt acutely in one spot, like accupressure on a trigger point, but more often it is felt as a diffuse energy over the entire body. In my experience, even the greatest skeptics feel the energy. Most people become quite relaxed during a Reiki session, but some people feel more alert and energized.

How do I prepare for a Reiki session?

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Dress in comfortable, loose clothing. You will remain fully clothed during the session, but you want to be able to move freely. Before the session, take a few moments to slow your breathing, and try to clear fear and negative thoughts from your mind. This will he the energy to flow more freely and bring a deeper healing. It is helpful to drink water during and after a Reiki session to aid in flushing out old spiritual energy. Water is spirit and helps the body transition. You may feel tired after the session, and taking a nap is also helpful to clear old energy and lengthen the body’s open, sacred time of healing.

What happens during a Reiki session?

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I use Holy Spirit Reiki, so before I start the session, I pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide my hands and my mind. This creates a divine space for the practice. Then I ask the client to sit or lie down, whichever is more comfortable, and I place my hands over their energy field. The client can choose to inform me of trouble spots or pain in their body, or the client can remain silent and soak in the healing energy. I will use my intuition and Divine guidance to understand what is going wrong with the body and spirit, and to gently clear the negative energy. Sometimes I use music- singing or playing an instrument- to help realign frequencies and aid in healing.

What is a Reiki circle?

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A Reiki circle is a small group of people who come together to open their hands create a sacred space of healing. Circles are a wonderful reminder of the power of our oneness in the universe. I run Reiki circles with the leading of the Holy Spirit, so each circle is different. Sometimes we put a person in the middle who is in need of intense physical healing; sometimes we psychically bring outer friends and the outer world into our circle of healing.

Why does energy healing cost so much?

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Energy healing is not expensive compared to modern medical care. A one hour Reiki session is only $100, compared to paying the same price or more for a 15 minute session with a medical doctor. Energy healing is also more effective in treating certain conditions, such as chronic pain, traumatic brain injury, and PTSD, than conventional medicine.

I use my healing gift to make a living, so I need to charge money. I have bills to pay and a child to feed. I have a masters degree, so I could make more money elsewhere, but I feel that healing people is a higher calling, one that I love doing.

I also know that the economy is tough right now, so I will offer services on a sliding scale. Please contact me for details.

Do you offer a discount?

I have a sliding scale of fees. I also do free (donations appreciated) Reiki circles and free introductory sessions. Check my price page for coupons.

I also offer discounts to clients who book multiple sessions in advance. You can set up monthly, biweekly, or weekly healing sessions with me at a discount. The discount is applied when paid up front, and there is great flexibility in scheduling.

Do you teach Reiki classes?

I do not teach classes, because I feel that Reiki is an inborn trait. It is the same as shamanism. Someone is born a shaman, although they can perfect their techniques by studying with a wise master. Reiki is learned through intuition and apprenticeship, not through step-by-step group classes. I will take individual students on a case-by-case basis, but I must know the person and inquire of the Holy Spirit whether I can train that person.

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