I have organized my blog into these categories:

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Healing the World

We are all connected with each other in a circle of One, in harmony with nature and the Great Creator. Too often, though, we forget this relationship, and we act out of fear, greed, or selfishness. When we harm another, we do the greatest harm to ourself. Through Reiki, compassion, and stories of social justice (and injustice) I seek to find healing in my sphere of influence in the world.

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Healing at Work

My life work is practicing Reiki, writing, and seeking healing and compassion on my human journey. My career work is teaching preschool. This work feeds my imagination because young children are closely connected to the spirit realm. I enjoy hearing their fantasy tales and experiencing their love and unjaded joy for life itself. Even Jesus said that we must be like little children to enter the Kingdom; this is profound. But I have also struggled at work with the physical grind and impossible demands of the corporate world. I use Reiki to make sense of this and bring healing to work, and I hope my readers can do so in their own work lives as well.

Healing the Body

healing aloe plant
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Reiki is powerful for healing bodily illness and pain, especially that which emanates from the spirit body. We are spiritual beings on an earthly journey in a human body. To find healing we must integrate spirit and body, energy medicine with conventional medicine. In this category I explore different ailments and healing modalities.

Holy Spirit Reiki

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I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit on earth. The Holy Spirit brings wisdom and healing from the Creator. She is Sophia raising her cry in the street for everyone to follow her wisdom to true happiness, prosperity, and life. Healing happens through her gentle touch in a person’s life. I channel pure Reiki energy through my body from living in the love of the Holy Spirit. There are many forms of Reiki and healing energy, but Holy Spirit Reiki is the closest to Source, Pure Love.


Zen meditation garden
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You can use meditation to regain a calm moment in the midst of your hectic day. The simplest meditation is to close your eyes and focus on a calm cerulean ocean. Watch the waves move in and out. In. Out. In. Out.

Or imagine a stream in the middle of an emerald green forest. Focus on the leaves drip, drip, drip as the sun emerges after a passing rain shower. Breathe in the humid, healing air. Focus on centering your energy, like a tree standing tall through many decades of time.

These are simple meditation, but I have also written longer, more detailed meditations to go along with different body and spiritual healing conditions. This category includes these meditations. Also check out my YouTube channel with meditations set to music (still under construction right now).

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Stories and Poems

These are my creative works. I use poetry to put pictures to my experiences of life and healing. I write stories imagining pain, healing, and wisdom in Jesus’s world and in our modern world.