About Amy

amy scurrySpiritual Healer

Amy is attuned to the level of Reiki master. She studied energy work with practitioners across the United States, and she has learned from people around the world, including studies in France, Italy, and Turkey. Amy received her final highest master Reiki attuning in a sacred ceremony in the spiritual forest of the Utah mountains.

As a healer, Amy receives visions and spiritual understanding from God and the divine counsel. She communicates with guardian angels and loved ones who have passed on to guide her during sessions with clients.

Amy enjoys teaching others about spiritual truths, and seeing truth set people free from emotional and physical pain. She desires for everyone to come to a fresh understanding of the Creator’s love and to find healing in the Divine.

A Music Background

Amy holds a masters degree in clarinet. During her career as a professional musician, she sought help for various repetitive motion injuries which she sustained from playing her instrument. She worked with massage therapists, osteopathic doctors, occupational therapists, and other holistic practitioners. She also studied the Feldenkrais and Alexander Technique methods. Through all of these experiences, Amy gained a deep knowledge of alternative health and energy healing. Amy is interested in the therapeutic value of sound frequencies. During a typical healing session, Amy will guide and realign a client’s energy field, sing over the client, play her clarinet over the client, or dance over the client depending on how the Spirit leads.

Holy Spirit Reiki

Amy practices a special form of Reiki called Holy Spirit Reiki. She follows the ancient healing path of the prophets and the shamans. Amy flows with the Spirit during the healing session. Amy is perfecting flowing with the Spirit during her everyday life. Holy Spirit Reiki is both a healing method and a lifestyle.