What is Healing?

compassion healing
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What is healing?

Healing is a true transformation, inside and out. Healing is body, mind, soul.

Physical body.

Emotion body.

Spirit body.

Healing occurs across the chakras and across the dimensions. Healing is soul retrieval and memory retrieval. Healing is construction and destruction. Healing is letting go of the old and bringing in the new.

Healing is not writing a simple prescription or pursuing the latest miracle cure. Pills can help ease symptoms and provide comfort on the journey, but they are not the destination of the journey. The destination is wholeness. And holiness.

Healing is becoming one with the Divine. Healing is knowing who you are, a truly loved individual, yet a drop in the vast ocean of conscious experience. Your pain is my pain, and my pain is the pain of the world.
Reiki opens the heart to experience the oneness of healing. This can be painful in itself. This is a lifelong journey; indeed it is the journey of many lifetimes.

Are you ready to open yourself to Reiki, oneness, and the eternal journey of healing?

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1 thought on “What is Healing?

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      Hi Amy,
      That is a beautiful stained glass image showing compassion which I believe is so central in healing – both for the healed and healer. We can tap into God’s love at any time and it is there for us – ready to partake – which is simply boggling really. In my experience, once we accept that spiritual Love and truly feel Thankfulness, we then can step up and away from long term “chains” (either physical or emotional). At that point, we can then become an open vessel of that Love for others …. and be in a groove of continual healing.

      Also, just wondering if you can feel individual chakras awaken? I sometimes feel a “zinging” in those individual areas. Can you feel another person’s chakras during your Reiki sessions? I’ve been interested in chakras for many years now as I am given to see a beautiful gem-colored dewdrop appear for a moment, and when it happens I feel a beautiful Presence that is both protective and guiding.
      Where do you practice Reiki? Being a veterinarian I work mainly with animals though I’d also like to do laying on of hands healing with people, too. Hopefully Way opens for that.
      Peace, Love and Light,

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