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What preschoolers teach us about Reiki

Amy, Amy, tell us a story!

I hear this plea many times a day from my preschool class. I love to sit with them at the lunch table, or in small group time, and tell stories together. Stories about rainbows and dragons, thunderstorms and trees, the fantastical and the everyday. Preschoolers do not yet have a firm line between the “real” and the “imaginary.” This is something we are taught as we grow older, by our parents, our culture, our school system, and our televisions and media.

Stories, along with music and art, are the heartbeat of human experience, a shared understanding composed with billions of words, notes, brush strokes. We all have something unique and beautiful to add, and children understand this innately. They create with joy and without fear.

Picasso once said,

All children are artists. The problem is how to remain one once he grows up


This is true of art, music, story telling, and, perhaps most importantly, it is true of spirituality. Small children are so close to heaven, some even remember being in heaven (even if that’s not what they call it). How else do they know about dragons, unicorns, mermaids? The most precious gift of children is creativity, and creativity comes from the Spirit.

Tragically, our American school system is moving further and further away from teaching and encouraging the arts, and with it imagination, creation, and the spiritual. I’m not talking about religious indoctrination, but about the spiritual part, the Holy Spirit Reiki energy, that lives in the soul of each human being and connects us to each other in a rainbow of diversity, and to the hidden secrets of the unseen. The arts open this world. Math and science, of the kind taught to the Test, close it off. There is a true beauty to math and science, a striving to understand the world, but this artistic math and science doesn’t score as well on tests.

This is the way we teach math and science in preschool. We don’t use worksheets and standardized tests. We use play. Play is imagination. Play is the work of children, but it should also be the work of adults. If adults played more, our world would be kinder, would advance spiritually and socially. Play is Reiki is healing.

Children also understand healing. They will tell you that scraped knees require “magical” band aids and bumped heads an ice pack, but they know that the secret is in the caring. When mommy kisses the owie, or I, the teacher, apply the band aid with concern, it is the love that heals. Kids know that we are all social creatures at our core. Kids embrace, adults separate.

Remember, embrace, coax out your inner preschooler, friends. Find healing through play and imagination (have you ever noticed the “magic” in “imagination”?). Take joy in this day and in your journey. Peace and light to you.

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