Fire Dance

Photo used freely, courtesy of ritvik on stock.xchng
Photo used freely, courtesy of ritvik on stock.xchng

I recently enjoyed a day at the Renaissance Festival. I had fun watching the performers and meeting people who are living out the fullness of their dreams and imaginations.

A fire dance show caught my attention and my imagination. A man and a woman danced on the stage, moving gracefully in sync, full of energy and power. The beads on the woman’s dress glimmered brightly in the light of the fire and the cloudy sun. Her long, dark hair fell down her curvaceous back in a cascading braid. She swung her flaming whip dangerously in time to the music, loud, cracking streaks of orange and yellow splitting the atmosphere.

Her partner kept perfect time with her, swaying and moving his body in a bold tango. His neatly trimmed beard and smooth green costume contrasted with the sharp edges of the fire on his whip. He cracked circle eights through the air, exciting the crowd by defying the familiarity of safety.

The whole dance radiated passion and raw sexual energy. Raw Reiki.

Spiritual life is like the fire dance, full of passion, excitement, and danger. The spirit realm radiates the energy of pure love, a bright and treacherous fire of holiness. We approach this flame on earth when we step out of our comfort zone and bravely love another, taking their pain and despair upon ourselves as if it is our own. We risk getting burned by the whip of the flame, but the trade-off is the passion inherent in compassion.

Just like the passion of the fire dance, we also approach the flame of the Holy Spirit when we climb the heights of sexual ecstasy. This is why the Bible warns against casual, commitment-less sex. When two people join together in the passionate fire dance of love, it is as dangerous as it is beautiful. When we deeply love another to the point of becoming two in one flesh, we transcend physical and spiritual barriers and touch the realm of the Divine.

The realm of the Divine, the realm of fiery love, is the perfect marriage of the masculine and feminine. Much is spoken of the divine masculine, but we too often forget the other side, the divine feminine. The Hebrews called her Ashera, and the Greeks Sophia, but either way she calls out her wisdom in the streets, wooing mystic seekers to follow her to the tree of life. Some understand the divine feminine as the second person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom) in the Orthodox tradition. She is the completion of the perfect union and perfect love.

Reiki energy is her medicine, Holy Spirit medicine. It is a pure fire that burns away our pains and earthly woundings in the love of the Divine. Pure sexual passion and ecstasy are also forms of Reiki.

Love deeply, friends, pursue the mysteries of the Spirit, and participate boldly in the fire dance and the healing journey.

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