Choose Life that You May Live

healing tree of life
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The beginning of healing is realizing that I am one with all. All other people. All the universe. I can never be truly well if the weakest around me is suffering. Every pain of the other is my own.

The Tree mourns every leaf that falls. So many have foolishly amputated themselves from the Tree of Life. They trade in their spiritual destinies for some temporal glitter. They can no longer drink of the deep roots buried in the River of Life. They prance and flaunt their idols, so self-assured in their minuscule “accomplishments” while they are dying of spiritual dehydration. This is the source of so much dis-ease in our world. This sickness is an epidemic in Western society, which prides itself on “science” and “knowledge.”

Every time I judge another because I misunderstand their point of view, I sever part of myself from the Tree. Every time I bash someone, or shrink away from them because they look different from me, I weaken my connection to Life. Every time I use a personal place of power to harm another, whether that power is bestowed on me by my job, or my training, or the color of my skin, or the amount in my pocket book, I spit on the Tree which sustains me.

I hold all these pains of the world in my body. The Good Samaritan understood this principle, so he could never pass by another in need. How much good it would do us to learn the same. Instead of competing and biting others on my way to the top, and dancing on the misfortune of another, I am wise to learn the way of peace and celebration. Celebrate another as a part of myself and recognize the gifts that each one brings to my world. Each created being is a wonderful handiwork, a leaf, a myriad of patterned colors.

If I continually choose the way of selfishness and pride, I will lose all my connection to the tree and I will become but a brown death covered by the equalizer of white snow. Purity to wash away the pain of my memory. Leaves die and fall at will, but the tree goes on. The Source mourns the loss of life, but this loss is self-made and self-chosen. The weak, the meek, the humble-hearted, will go on to weave a rich tapestry from the loss.

Choose life that you may live.

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