Reiki: Realigning the Spirit Body and the Physical Body

Reiki: Realigning the Spirit Body and the Physical Body

Every person, indeed every living thing on this planet, is surrounded by an invisible energy body. (Actually, you can train yourself to see this energy, the aura, through your spiritual eyes, but most people still rely only on their physical eyes). This energy body also surrounds the spirit body, connecting the physical realm and the spiritual realm.

I am often asked, what is the spirit body? The spirit body is our invisible consciousness, our higher thinking self, the body we exist in both before and after our earthly journey. Too many people foolishly waste too much energy focusing on their physical bodies, chasing after youthful looks, and even undergoing surgeries to try to look more beautiful, which is itself only a definition invented by one’s society.

Although you should take care of the health of your physical body, you are wise to focus your energy on nurturing and developing your spirit body. This is the consciousness and wisdom you will take with you when you cross over to the other side. Through meditation, prayer, reading, listening to and viewing the works of spiritually wise artists, and communicating with other spiritual seekers, you will develop spiritual beauty, and you will find true wisdom.

When I conduct Reiki healing sessions over people, I sometimes have the impression that the person needs to reclaim their space, to make themselves “bigger.” This has certainly been true for me personally, as I grew up in a family that constantly degraded my physical achievements and mocked my spirituality, saying it was “of the devil.” Consequently, as a young child, I learned to hide, keep my imaginary friends locked away inside, and try to make myself small. This crowded my energy body, and caused wounds in my spirit body.

I believe that most, if not all, chronic pain exists in the spirit body. That is why Western medicine has a hard time healing chronic pain. I see these issues constantly with people seeking Reiki healing. I am glad that they discovered Reiki, because I believe energy healing holds the key to realigning and spacing out the entire energy body for healing of both spirit body and physical body.

I knew one woman who struggled with headaches so severe that she could not work or even get out of bed for days at a time. She had visited many doctors who had given her many drugs and even recommended delicate surgery. But still, she struggled with pain. As I worked with her through Reiki, she shared with me some of her past, dealing with parents who belittled her intuitive spirituality and her love of art.

I cried when she told me of the poetry that she wrote as a high schooler that is still locked away in her dresser drawer, unseen and unheard. She needs to write, our world desperately needs her voice. No wonder she has headaches. Her spiritual voice is constantly struggling for release, but her energy body is misaligned by the damaging words of others. I used my hands to smooth out the disturbances I felt, and I encouraged her to go home and write. She did so, and slowly her headaches began to get better. Today she is able to work most of the time, and she only takes minimum pain medicine. The Holy Spirit is wooing her in love to come out with her voice. I think it is amazing.

Friends, if you are struggling, meditate on making your energy body bigger, taking up the room in the world for which it was meant. Create art and release your voice to realign your energy body. Flow in the love of the Holy Spirit and seek Reiki healing. Your life will surely change.

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The Journey of Holy Spirit Reiki

The Journey of Holy Spirit Reiki

Reiki is a journey.

Reiki is a healing practice, but Reiki is also a lifestyle change. Reiki is an invitation into a healing dance with the Divine, a gentle tango with the Holy Spirit leading each step.

I so often see Reiki advertised as a quick solution to pain, like taking an aspirin, or, even worse, as a weight-loss method. Reiki is not a flippant “New Age” healing modality. Reiki is a powerful divine energy, the ancient practice of the laying on of hands. I believe Yeshua used Reiki as he healed the masses of people. But he didn’t just give them a quick fix; he often preached about the hard road, the lonely road, the trials to enter the kingdom. Reiki brings healing, yes, but Reiki also brings spiritual responsibility.

A Reiki session is just the beginning of the divine journey. If you contact me for a session, I will lead you into the dance with the Holy Spirit and leave you in her loving embrace. Your earthly cares and pain will melt away as you learn to flow in the healing dance.

I am a Reiki master, so I have followed this path for a long time. As a born healer, the Holy Spirit taught me this dance from a young age. As a child, I explored the world in wonder, learning secrets from the buzzing of the bees and the whispering of the trees. I have also felt the pain of others from a young age. I am an empath with a heart wide open to experiencing the pain of others while I lead them on their own path. I also learn new things from my Reiki clients and friends every day. The journey is eternal.

I believe that YHWH created us with a deep need for each other. This is not a popular idea in our individualistic, ego-driven Western culture. Compassion, sacrifice, and empathy bind us together. That is the power of Reiki healing, the Holy Spirit Reiki journey. Competition and ego drive us apart. When Reiki is sold under the spell of this energy, the result is dangerous. There are many people who tell stories of harm from negative Reiki energy. My heart cries for those wounded souls.

I invite you, friends and strangers alike, reading this blog to join me on the healing journey of Holy Spirit Reiki. It is a mystical, wonderful path, full of joy and sometimes heartache. But the end is true healing and true enlightenment.

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